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Business Support

Looking for a local business that is making sure your digital footprint is always in line with the latest marketing trends and technologies? Whether it is simply updating content on your social media platform pages, maintaining your website traffic and content, we have got you covered!

Event Promotion

When promoting events on Social Media, it is important to keep in mind the appropriate target market to reach in the right industry. ThinkImpact Inc. designs graphics that are aesthetically appealing, while also designing paid ads through all platforms and using relevant hashtags that relate to the event.

Public Relations

Though ThinkImpact Inc. is a relatively young company, we have definitely formulated relationships with some of the local media outlets that have a prominent reputation in the local area. It is through this network that our clients have been covered, which has generated business in return.

Social Media/Online Reputation Management

Social Media is our specialty, among the services we offer. We take a very client-friendly approach while also taking their branding and messaging into account. The clients receive a content generation calendar a week in advance which allows for any new announcements to be made. In addition, the content gets pushed out on all platforms through a CRM based software, along with weekly analytics and time stamps to measure engagement levels. Our company also gleans data from the platform analytics to adjust the marketing strategy accordingly.

Website Development

ThinkImpact Inc. is by no means a website coding company! However, that being said, we take pride in designing and implementing websites through the Wix platform. The ease of which Wix operates allows for content to be updated in a matter of minutes, and can be adjusted in a relatively short amount of time – both on the Desktop and Mobile.

Business Consulting

We work with our clients to understand the industry that they serve, while also identifying their ideal buyer persona, along with market-research based data which is gleaned through industry-wide publications. After we have a clear understanding of what the scope from our clients is, we create a customized marketing plan, with some important features such as – SWOT Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Market Growth and recommend digital marketing channels that will provide meaningful results.

Project Management

Additionally, we also offer Project Management services – meaning we oversee every aspect of a project from inception to completion for our clients.