About ThinkImpact

Our mission is to provide small businesses, the ability to compete in local geography and on-line retailers, through marketing skills, consulting, and competitive knowledge. 

We deliver our services through employment opportunities for students and providing internships. 

Our mission is to help small businesses while helping students!

Our Team

ThinkImpact Inc. was founded by Tej Yale. Tej has supported clients in the following industries: 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Social/Environmental Causes

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Aviation

  • Local Government

  • College Athletics/Academics

Tej holds a B.Sc in Marketing and an MBA both from Oakland University. 

Our Approach

We provide the following: 

  • Business Consulting

  • Marketing

  • Website Creation

  • Advertising

  • Internet Marketing

  • Event Planning

  • Marketing Campaign Presentations

  • Project Coordination

  • Administrative Support

© ThinkImpact Inc. 

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