• Do you market your business through Social Media? 

  • Have you gained more customers through Social Media? 

  • Which channel works best - traditional marketing, mailers, online? 

  • How do you present your business at local events? 

  • Should you sponsor events? 

  • How do you attract new customers from local events? 

  • How do you generate new customers? 

  • How do you retain your customers? 

  • Have you maximized your local presence? 

  • How do you monitor your Social Media analytics and adjust your strategy?  

  • How do you coordinate your marketing efforts? 

  • Do you have a "one stop shop" to coordinate your business? 

  • How do people find you?  

  • Where do you advertise? 

  • How is your business presented in the media? 

  • How efficiently are you utilizing your employees efforts?  

  • How effective  is supplier management? 

  • How much effort  is expended on administrative tasks? 

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